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With Teaching Comes Great Responsibility

October 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

If you have the opportunity to make someone feel good about him or herself, take it. Life is too short and there are too many people who squander such opportunities because they are more consumed with spreading the negativity of their past hurts.

I’ve come in contact with this recently on more than one occasion during the past week. Not with anyone I know personally but just by observing this “dark cloud” in a few social situations. I think this lesson is especially important for anyone in a teaching position, and I don’t care if it’s teaching a classroom full of 8th graders or leading an exercise program or up in front of college kids. You just don’t go with your guns a blazing from some unresolved personal issue (which seem to most often have to do with gender and/or relationships), walk away and not feel any sense of responsibility for the negativity you leave in your wake. It has repercussions, particularly when odds are good that there were empathetic souls in attendance.

Get that stuff resolved in a healthy manner before taking a job teaching and not taking the teaching job as an opportunity to deal with it in a very unhealthy way. How good you are within your field of expertise or how physically fit and capable you are with your yoga poses and what-not becomes meaningless.
Yes, this a bit of a divergence from my usual posting but I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t think a very important lesson to be learned.

Help people feel good about who they are - and what they are capable of - and not ashamed of who they are not. Fortunately I’ve come in contact with more incredibly gifted, positive and empowering teachers than not.

And why the image of a rural road at sunset along the border between Texas and Oklahoma? Because at the core of what I am expressing is the message observe, learn and let it go. There’s beautiful freedom there.

Out Where the Heart Wanders | Texas Photography by Jim CrottyOut Where the Heart Wanders | Texas Photography by Jim CrottySunset sky in early March near Vernon Texas by Jim Crotty



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